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Booking  for  Grayson

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for new bookings and touch-ups:

for general inquiries:

 Clients Looking to Book a TOUCH-UP
(on work by one of our artists)
email us at any time to schedule an appointment.

*Please Read through this page for everything you need to know in order to email in an application that will be quickly processed when you apply to book with any of our artists...

Be Ready for the Next Book opening

(Read Below)

Booking & a quote:

( Be Sure to include the following in your email )


let us know what area of your body you want tattooed

(If you want a particular fit/shape you can provide reference images
or have someone take a picture of you from a few steps back
and draw on the image to show us.)


Measure the maximum height & width of the area
you want the tattoo to cover.

(If you guess at your tattoos measurement you may get an inaccurate quote.
An inch on either side can make a huge difference for time & therefore cost.)

If you are okay with going large, provide the maximum area so that
you can be prepared for a longer & more costly session if need be.

If you end up going smaller at your session, the worst that happens is you
have some extra cash in your bank account at the end of your session.


Let us know if you want Blackwork or colour

I.e. whether you would like all black and grey ink, small pops
of colour, or for the entire tattoo to be one colour.

Please include which colour(s) you would like, if any.


let us know what subject matter you want included in your project

  (provide any reference material to explain any specifics you are imagining for the piece.)

i.e. particular breed of animal or flower or if you
want the animal in a particular position/angle, etc.

*anything you know you want should be included so the artist
can refer to before they start the design/draw-in process.


Once we have all those must-have details,
we can provide a rough estimate for time & cost. 


If you are happy with your quote & feel comfortable moving
ahead, you can send us your deposit to reserve a date

Once a date is decided on you, we will apply your deposit to your chosen date

We cannot hold session spaces without a deposit

You can either pay your deposit via E-transfer or we
can send you a digital invoice for the deposit amount.

once we receive your deposit you are all set until
the design process begins a few weeks prior to your session!

*or in the case of freehand sessions, until your actual session date.

*keep an eye on your email in the month leading up to your session
if you are expecting custom design


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