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Fully Finalized Sessions:

These sessions are catered towards those of us who want to work directly
with their artist to bring their ideas to life & make changes if need be.

perfect for anyone would like to see their design fully
finalized prior to committing to the tattoo phase
or those who want the peace of mind that comes with being
involved in the design process from start to finish.

(Often a solid choice for virgin skin)


For anyone who would have opted for a
freehand session but the design they have
in mind is not suitable for freehand sessions.


how do these sessions work?

Once you are officially booked in, Mackenzie will contact you via
email 2-4 weeks prior to your session with a 1st draft based off of the
information you provide in your e-mail application.

You will then provide your feedback & request any changes if needed/desired.

Mackenzie will make edits, then pass the design back to you for further feedback.

You will pass the design back & forth until you feel it is ready.

at your session, Mackenzie will print off a stencil of the finalized design
& you can figure out exact placement & adjust the size if need be.

Once you are happy with the placement & size of your
stencil, you will begin the tattoo process.


There's a lot that goes
on behind the scenes!

as a result, these sessions have a
Higher hourly rate than a freehand session since your artist will likely
spend just as much time on your design

(likely more) than they will on the
actual tattoo phase due to the freedom we allow for clients to make requests during the editing process.

this rate means you are able to

request as many edits as needed!
( and ensures everyone's time is cared for )

While an artist's custom project
rate may appear to be one thing,
once you account for;
client communication.
design/editing time,
set-up/tear down & stencil laying...
an artists hourly rate works out to be less than half of
what it appears to be.



important notes

*Rates are subject to change
before each new book opening

*However, the rate you were given at the
time of your initial booking will be the
one that applies to your session.

I.E. Rate changes do not effect active sessions.
 only apply to  applicants booking after changes.


Repeat or long-standing
Clients may be eligible
for loyalty discounts.
Ask us when you apply!

(*Please send us a count & pictures
of all of your previous tattoos by Mackenzie & let us know what year you were first tattooed by Mackenzie, so that we can
verify & evaluate discount status.


Getting Booked In
(or requesting a quote)

Applications Only Processed if Books are Open
quote requests accepted at any time 



Be sure to include all of the following
in your application or quote request




what area of your body do you want tattooed?

If you want a particular fit/shape, provide reference images,
doodle on a stock image of the area, or have someone take a picture 
of you from a few steps back & draw on the image.



Measure the maximum height & width of
the area you want the tattoo to cover.



subject matter:

Any specific subject matter you want included

i.e. particular breed of animal, specific flowers, objects, etc.
if you want the animal, person or object in a particular position/angle, etc. Please provide reference material



Once we have these must-have details, we
will provide a rough estimate for time & cost as well as a list of available session dates/times.

Keep in mind that tattooing has many variables including how still a client can sit, requests for breaks, skin types, etc. So it's always good to come prepared for additional time.


Repeat or long-standing Clients may be eligible
for loyalty discounts.
Ask us when you apply!

*Please send us pictures and a count of all of your previous tattoos by Mackenzie
and let us know roughly what year you were first tattooed by Mackenzie,
so that we can verify & evaluate.



deposit / dates:

If you are happy with your quote & wish to book,
just send us your deposit & let us know
your top 5 date/time choices
(in your order of preference)

you can e-transfer us your deposit before or after you receive
a quote or date options & we will apply your deposit to whichever of the date(s) you chose are still available.  

We can not hold session spaces without a deposit.

You can either pay your deposit via E-transfer or we
can send you a digital invoice for the deposit amount.

we will not receive your e-transfer until

we have your confirmation of a date.

If you decide not to commit to a
you can cancel your e-transfer.

Once we receive your deposit,
you are all set until
Mackenzie emails you a first
draft 2-4 weeks prior to
your session date!

(The rest will be worked out then!)

(if Mackenzie's books are not open, you can re-send
your application when they open & follow these steps)





*Because of the design time your

artist will spend prior to your

session, a larger deposit is

necessary to ensure that their design time is paid for should a

last minute cancellation occur.


*A payment plan or e-mail

invoice can be arranged for

the remainder of your deposit.

*reminder of Deposit must be paid

in full at least




Free touch-ups for life

(Unless tattoo is repeatedly NEGLECTED during healing)



Only the first hour minimum

charge is non-refundable.

*The remainder is refundable

up until your artist begins

the design process. 

(generally 1-4 weeks prior to session)

*Once your artist has spent

time working on your design,

the remainder of your deposit will

serve as compensation for their

time should you decide to cancel. 




If you would like to reschedule,

we need 72 hours notice & we can transfer your entire deposit to a

new session date.

Less than 72 hours notice may

result in a rescheduling fee.

Outright cancellations , will forfeit the 1 hour minimum deposit but will

be refunded any remaining deposit

so long as they notify us prior to

the start of their design process.

**Cancellations made after the design process has begun with forfeit their deposit in full.

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