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Freehand Sessions:


These sessions are catered towards people who are familiar with their artist's portfolio and trust that their artist will deliver a result they will be happy with.



How do these sessions work...

Once we get through the quote and booking process, the actual design process begins on your session date.

You will have already provided your artist any of your reference material and design specifics so they can be prepare with something in mind when you come in.

Once your skin is cleaned and prepped, your artist will draw a rough guide onto your skin directly, starting with a light colour.

You can then take a look and see if you like the general fit and layout of the design. 

If not, you can request your changes. Your artist will wash off the old stencil and draw again. You will do this until you like the layout.

Once you are happy with the layout, your artist will draw in better detail another rough guide This time in a darker marker.

and so on and so forth until you are comfortable moving ahead into the tattoo phase.

Booking and a quote:

The process for freehand sessions starts with your application.



Let us know what area you want tattooed & provide the measurements for the area you want to cover.


Measure the maximum height and width. If you provide a smaller estimate, you will get an inaccurate quote given an inch on either side can make a huge difference. If you are okay with going larger, provide that maximum area so that you can be prepared for a longer and more costly session if need be. If you end up going smaller at your session, the worst that happens is you have some extra cash in your bank account.



let us know what subject matter you want included in your project,

  provide any reference material to explain any specifics you are imagining for the piece

i.e. particular breed of animal or flower or if you want the animal in a particular position/angle, etc.

anything you know you want should be included so the artist can apply it to your stencil draw-in, ideally, on the first try.



Once we have those must-have details, we can provide a rough estimate for time and cost. 

Freehand sessions are hard to narrow down a quote for given so much is to be decided the day of, So most freehand estimates are quite wide to make sure no one is unpleasantly surprised at the end of their session.


If you are happy with your quote & feel comfortable moving ahead, we will find a space for your session in our schedule.



Once a date is decided on you will have to send us

your deposit in order to reserve a session space.

We can not hold session spaces without a deposit.

You can either pay your deposit via E-transfer or we can send you a digital invoice for the deposit amount.

once we receive your deposit, you are all set until your actual session date. The rest will be worked out then!



(important notes)

*Rates are subject to change 

**the rate you were given at the time of your initial

booking will be the one that applies to your session.

*Rate changes do not effect active sessions.

*Changes will only apply to  applicants booking after changes.

these sessions have the

lowest hourly rate.

This is because you do not need to compensate your artist for any design time prior to your session. You won't be passing designs edits back & forth and your artist won't be drawing & re-drawing/editing your design. (aside from any edits to the rough draw-in phase on your session date)

Freehand Price Guide 

(applies to fall 2019 book opening)

Freehand session rates are on a 'sliding scale'.

This means that in order to accommodate longer session, the hourly rate becomes less as the session duration grows.



For sessions

under 2 hours:

(Minimum charge down)



For sessions

over 3 hours:

(first 2 hours down)



for sessions

under an hour


min charge $180/hr


For Sessions

1-3 hours long:



For sessions

3-6 hours long:



For Sessions

6+ hours long


multi-day sessions:



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