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Founded in 2015

by Mackenzie Evanjeline

for her solo tattoo practice

& has since grown into...


Our collective is destined to take under it's wings many talented artists of unique styles who share in & appreciate the values that best exemplify 'The Northern'.

such as...


safe inclusive environment


We aim to: forever maintain

the welcoming & respectful environment that we've cultivated over the years...


Ensure a safe place for ink lovers of every & any culture, skin tone, gender, sexual identity, body type, occupation, class or status...


& Steer clear of the sort of exchange that leaves clients feeling like they are on tattoo conveyor belt.

keeping our practices

clean, green & ethical

in an increasingly desperate climate, more focus than ever lands on the materials we use, where they come from, how they are made & what happens when we're done with them.

Our goal is to eliminate as much harmful waste from the tattoo process as possible

so we are currently phasing out our use of plastic all together & replacing them with greener alternatives. Such as tattoo safe, bio-degradable  barriers, dip & ink cups, and an eco-tank, cartridge free, plastic film free stencil printer.

with additional focus on using materials that are vegan, plant-sourced, responsibly packaged & ideally safely compostable as much as possible.


the art in 

tattoo artistry

We aim to ensure that all

of our current & future

artists are taken care of.

To provide a creative environment where artists

can thrive & to maintain a happy marriage between business & passion.

We intend to put our skills

to good use bettering ourselves, Our Industry, society & the world

around us in as many

facets as possible.

mutual respect between

Clients & Artists

we are here to work with you to realize your vision

We'll make sure you are a part of the process

if you would like to be

This is why we offer pre-drawn custom sessions.

You can provide us with whatever guidance or references that may help us peek inside your head & pull out a design.

Even if you haven't yet formed an image in your own mind

We want you to be able to make changes,

ask questions & feel comfortable 

asking for what you need


We know that communication is the key

to ensuring that the end result is something

you will be happy wearing for a lifetime

For those comfortable committing to getting inked

without seeing a finalized concept ahead of time,

some of our artists offer freehand sessions.

Artist/Client relationships can be for life.

Your tattoo certainly is,

So we recognize that your experience with your

artist or shop can become synonymous with the

tattoo you will be wearing & we aim to ensure that

both are positive.

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