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the northern collective

(Please No Walk-ins)



  …The Northern Collective was founded by Mackenzie Evanjeline as an umbrella for her own tattoo work but is destined to take under it's wings many talented artists of unique styles who all share and appreciate the values that best exemplify The NORTHERN.


such as...

keeping our business clean,

green & ethical;

in an increasingly desperate climate, more focus than ever lands on the materials we use, where they come from, how they are made and what happens when we're done with them.

Our goal is to eliminate as much harmful waste from the tattoo process as possible

so we are currently phasing out our use of plastic all together and replacing them with greener alternatives. Such as tattoo safe, bio-degradable  barriers, dip and ink cups, and an eco-tank, cartridge free, plastic film free stencil printer.

Did you know that many common tattoo supplies are made with animal based products?

Some tattoo inks and Stencils, for example, are made with animal based glycerin.

At the NORTHERN, we have ensured that all of our products are VEGAN,

with additional focus on using materials that are naturally based and environmentally friendly.

respect for the unique relationships

between Clients & their Artists;

The attitude that we have adopted toward the client/artist relationship is this; we are here to work with you to realize your vision, get you started, or pluck a concept out of thin air. All are welcome challenges of varying difficulty worth taking on to make sure we can create art we are proud of and a tattoo that you will wear with pride.

We'll make sure you are a part of the process!

This is why we offer pre-drawn custom Sessions and ask for clients to provide reference material and any other details that will help us see inside their head, even if they haven't formed an image yet. 

We want you to be able to make changes, ask questions and feel comfortable 

asking for what you need so that the end result is something

you will be happy wearing for a lifetime.

For those out there who are drawn to an artist's style and would be comfortable with them going to town on your skin without seeing a finalized concept; there are freehand sessions offered by some of our artists.

Sometimes Artist/Client relationships are for life. Your tattoo certainly is, so the last thing we want is any negativity involved at all in your tattoo experience,

ensuring a comfortable experience in a safe & inclusive environment;


we aim to forever maintain the friendly & intimate environment that we've cultivated over the years and that so many of our clients have become so fond of. 
to avoid clients feeling like they are on tattoo conveyor belt and hope that

 our clients of every/any culture, skin tone, background, body type, gender & sexual identity, will feel right at home with us.

nurturing the art in tattoo artistry;

We aim to ensure that all of our current and future artists are taken care of.

to provide a creative environment where artists can thrive and to maintain a happy marriage between business & passion.

this means ensuring that artists are properly compensated for their hard work & talent in a way that allows our artists to fuel their own creative fire & then deliver that fire directly to you in the form of a tattoo you will love & cherish until the very end.

We intend to put our skills to good use bettering ourselves, Our Industry, society & the world around us in as many facets as possible. 



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