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 These sessions are catered towards those who are familiar with their artist's portfolio & trust that their artist will deliver a result they will be happy with without the need to see a pre-drawn design.


How do these sessions work? The design process begins on your session date. - Your artist will refer to whatever reference material & design specifics you have provided to prepare. - Once your skin is cleaned & prepped, your artist will draw a rough guide directly onto your skin to outline the general fit & layout of the design.  ( see examples of pre-draw vs. finished product at the bottom of this page ) - You can then request changes if needed. - Your artist will redraw or edit the stencil until you are comfortable moving ahead into the tattoo phase!

Projects suitable for Freehand... FLORA ( pretty much any plant ) FAUNA ( non-specific: no portraits of existing animals aside from impressionistic representations of the critter) MYTHICAL CREATURES ( i.e centaur, fae , cyclops, pixies, gnomes, etc. ) ITEMS ( i.e. candles, lockets, swords, etc. ) DECORATIVE ORNAMENTAL DESIGNS ( i.e chandelier, filagree, etc. ) PEOPLE ( non-specific: no portraits of existing people aside from impressionistic representations of the person ) --------- Pretty much anything that DOES NOT require perfect symmetry. ( i.e sacred geometry or mandalas, or any mathematically or geometrically perfect design ) --------- Projects NOT suitable for Freehand... Mathematical/geometric designs designs requiring perfect symmetry ( i.e. sacred geometry or mandalas ) Portraits of existing people or animals.

Booking & Quotes ... 1. APPLY Fill out the application form on our 'BOOKING' page. With the information you've provided we will send you a rough estimate for time & cost as well as deposit information. *Keep in mind that Freehand sessions are hard to narrow down an exact quote given the nature of the approach so it's always good to come prepared for additional time. 2. DEPOSIT If you decide to book, you can E-transfer us your deposit to reserve your spot in the queue to pick available dates. --- we will not accept your e-transfer until we have your confirmation of a date. --- If you decide not to commit to a date you can cancel your e-transfer. --- 3. DATES Once we see your deposit in our inbox, we will send you a list of available session dates/times. *IMPORTANT: dates can not be held without a deposit. Once you have chosen your preferred date & time, we will deposit your E-transfer and your session will be solidified. ------------ DETAILS TO HAVE PREPARED FOR YOUR APPLICATION: ------------ 1. LOCATION: what area of your body do you want tattooed? If you want a particular fit/shape, provide reference images, doodle on a stock image of the area, or have someone take a picture of you from a few steps back & draw on the image. 2. SIZE: Please measure the maximum height & width of the area you want the tattoo to cover. ( relative scale/sizing doesn't always work. i.e. "the size of my hand" ) ​​ 3. SUBJECT MATTER: Any specific subject matter you want included i.e. particular breed of animal, specific flowers, objects, etc. if you want the animal, person or object in a particular position/angle, etc. Please provide reference material --------- FIN! ---------


follow @indigo_evolution for more


follow @indigo_evolution for more

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